The Damien Escobar Violin Collection is the unique, hand crafted violin line created by world renowned musician and visionary, Damien Escobar. As a two time Emmy Award winning violinist, Damien knows firsthand the power of a high quality instrument and thusly created the Damien Escobar Violin Collection with only the best materials and top notch precision that would allow this collection to stand above the rest.

Damien Escobar has held a bow in his hand since the age of 8 when he began playing the violin as part of his school’s music program. He quickly fell in love with the instrument and at the age of 13 became the youngest graduate at the time from Julliard School of Music in New York. Over the years Damien developed into a highly sought after musician performing for fans and dignitaries around the world. As Damien’s brand continued to grow, so did his need to explore various creative opportunities that would connect him to his fan base and other musicians. This line of violins represents the culmination of years of trial and error and creative execution to develop a beautiful instrument that is both stunning as well as functional.




Damien’s undeniable influence on both beginner and intermediate violinists has inspired him to create this exclusive line of designer violins with an aesthetics that is an imaginative spin on the design of traditional violins. The Damien Escobar Violin Collection is comprised of handcrafted violins that are made with high end ebony wood resulting in an instrument that resists warping and will stand the test of time. The quality craftsmanship of each violin allow for a pleasant tone and handle. Their unique design doesn’t end with high-end materials and meticulous crafting, but each violin has a vibrant, bold color and is signed and numbered by Damien Escobar himself.

When held in your hands you will not be able to resist running your hands across every curve of this powerful instrument. Each detailed dip and painstaking notch has been carefully engineered to develop a top of the line music instrument for intermediate to advanced musicians.